Muikkuterassi, Savonlinna
The project in a nutshell
Osuuskauppa Suur-Savo
Savonlinna, Finland
266 m2
Photography: Jami Ivanoff & Petri Saarelainen


Muikkuterassi, the terrace of Savonlinna Seurahuone, is Finland's most beautiful rooftop terrace. Pinto designed its profound transformation during the spring 2019. The fresh atmosphere of the restaurant has the feeling of fish markets and the piers of summer cottages. The renewed look and services of the terrace multiplied the first summer's sales figures and brought new, enthusiastic customers to the restaurant.
Original Sokos Hotel Savonlinna's Seurahuone's rooftop terrace on the 6th floor is inspired by the magnificent views of Saimaa. Localism and storytelling were the cornerstones of the design of Muikkuterassi.

Based on these local stories, Pinto started to build a new graphic look, which can also be seen in the restaurant signages. Newspaper-like menus tell stories that are either true or false in Savonian way, as well as stories from the staff of Muikkuterassi. A custom tumbler, which has the coordinates of Muikkuterassi printed on it as well as a witty vendace, was also being selected. Locality has also been kept in mind when choosing partners and products.

In the surface materials, as well as in the lighting and furniture choices, one can find references to all these inspirational sources and also the Savonian mental landscape. The witty vendace has swam from menus to graphic elements, increasingly important part of the space identity. In the flooring materials, the tiling repeats the lively scales of the vendace while the decking takes the visitor back to the summer nights spent on the cottage pier.
The goal of the renovation was to bring the restaurant into the 2020s and this goal was well achieved. Another big goal was to get the terrace to function almost all year round. The opening hours of the terrace have been extended until the end of September, when it was previously closed at the end of August.

The space was upgraded to meet different technology and adaptability needs, allowing for a wide variety of events. The terrace events are tailored according to the summer calendar of Savonlinna so that the city has interesting and meaningful activities throughout the terrace season. The terrace events will include open-air movie nights, live music performed by local artists, and casual DJ nights.

As the name implies, the delicious, locally caught vendaces play the main role at Muikkuterassi. The absolute favourite dish of our customers' is the vendace dish that includes local vendaces with butter and Rapio Mill rye flour batter, fresh salad and new potatoes with herbs.
Customers have fallen in love with the reformation of Muikkuterassi which was a continuation for the whole renovation of Sokos Hotel Seurahuone. The staff has also responded extremely well to the renovation. Job satisfaction alone improved significantly, the heat in the kitchen reduced notably and more space to work in the kitchen became available.

The end result correspond to the goals and I am very pleased with the outcome of the first summer. One week in May 2019 reached the entire May 2018 sale. June 2019 sales were already twice as high as in 2018, and July also reached the same figures. Muikkuterassi has already proven to be commercial success.

The renovation has definitely strengthened the position of Muikkuterassi among the most popular terraces and restaurants in Savonlinna. Muikkuterassi has become the number one spot in the city.

We ordered good but got excellent!
Kai Nurmi
Business Area Manager, Tourism & Travel Industry at Osuuskauppa Suur-Savo

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