The anatomy of a perfect bathroom

Fira has developed bathrooms in a completely new way using modular thinking. They invited several experts of different fields, such as Pinto, to think about how different user groups use bathrooms and how the bathrooms work even when the stages of life change: when children are at their messiest, when age vision starts to bother, or even when children move away from home and domestic animals move in.

The time spent developing this modular bathroom and its standardized and flexible replaceable components has taken hundred times more time than the design of a traditional bathroom. The end result is of great quality for the user and a meaningful entity for the builder.

The details of a perfect bathroom

1. Functional and ergonomic plan.
2. Division of the space into dry and wet areas.
3. Water-safe line drain that separates the areas; stylish covers made out of the flooring material.
4. Giant tiles: fewer challenging seams to be cleaned.
5. The division of the dry and wet areas with a glass sliding door that hides the washing tower and IV machine. The sliding door also serves as a shower wall.
6. All the furniture pieces designed and assigned to the specific bathroom module: everything is aligned and working how they should be.
7. The sink designed to be used by all from baby to grandpa. Surface material on the wall above the sink: Corian.
8. General lighting dims during the night with smart control.
9. Functional spotlights: perfect for putting on make-up and contact lenses.
10. Intellect: smart sensors, building technology control and user interface will encourage energy savings and comfort.

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