Neste K, Finland

The project in a nutshell
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The scale
Pinto's work with Neste K started in 2015 as development of Neste K concept and later expanded into implementing the concept to Neste K- service stations across Finland. The first location for implementation of the new concept was Neste K Teiskontie in Tampere.
The concept
Pinto provided graphic design and spatial and furniture design including everything from car washes to napkins. Inspiration for the project came from old service station romantics and the aim was to leave space for commercial messages.
I have had the pleasure of working together with Pinto on the Neste K—chain renewal project. During our co-operation that started towards the end of 2015 we first updated the whole new Neste K concept and then implemented it nationally to over 70 service stations. The last implementations will be done during 2019.

The birth of the new Neste K concept has required both insight into the industry and thorough understanding and listening of the client. The implementation of each service station has been a demanding project, where the agreed concept has been successfully copied yet not forgetting each station's own individuality. The spatial design of all these new stations or almost completely rebuilt sites has been excellent. It has been important to understand two strong entities—Neste and Kesko—in order to be able to create and reinforce this new Neste K brand. These same stations have also included other strong brands such as Burger King, Subway and Kotipizza.

The coordination of all these elements has been the responsibility of Pinto. Pinto has been an exemplary reliable partner. Schedules and financial estimates have all been met. The progress of the project and the necessary repair movements if something has not worked as expected have been critically assessed together. Technical expertise and resources have also been excellent. I can warmly recommend Pinto for demanding design projects
Mikko Paukkonen
Chain Manager / Vice President
Neste K Service Station Stores
Kesko Group
The materials used in Neste K service stations are original and natural such as wood and concrete. The colours of the concept are light, and the overall impression is simple and clear. The functional goal is to create efficient and comfortable facilities in which customers may enjoy both a longer visit or a shorter stay.

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