The SnowPanda House, Ähtäri
Creating new home for two giant pandas
The project in a nutshell
Ähtäri Zoo
Ähtäri, Finland
≈1600 m2
Pinto won 1st prize in International Design Awards/ "Interior Design / Institutional" in May, 2018

Photos: Kuvio
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The SnowPanda House

Pinto created a memorable space and service concept for the giant dorm rooms and the related service packages of the SnowPanda House in Ähtäri, Finland. The SnowPanda House, which is the residence for two pandas called Pyry and Lumi, is an exceptional destination, as it is closely associated with the institutions responsible for the protection of Giant Pandas and the customer's many stakeholders.
The result is the world's northernmost building designed for both Giant Pandas and public combining nature and animal protection requirements, a complete set of showrooms, as well as functional restaurant and conference facilities.
Meeting the requirements
The design requirements of the building were increased by the requirements for lighting, soundproofing, vegetation and control automation for pandas. SnowPanda House's experts in forest management in China have repeatedly stated that this SnowPanda House in Ähtäri Zoo is the best outside of China, consisting of organic spatial planning of pandas, exhibition halls with modern technology, and a comprehensive concept serving visitors' experiences and learning paths.
The well-being of these two Giant Pandas was the most important part when designing the viewing area. In addition to the panda facilities, the SnowPanda House includes a deli & cafe, a large summer terrace and a souvenir shop. The SnowPanda House is a unique facility: its Himalayan inspired interior combined with Scandinavian simplicity, creates a calm and harmonious natural space with natural colours and materials.
SnowPanda House Interior Design won the international IDA Design Awards (Gold) in 2017 in the category of Interior Design/Institutional. I would particularly like to mention the innovative cooperation with Pinto's design team and, from the client's point of view,the seamless and good collaboration between Pinto and Pinto Pro (contract work).

On behalf of the Ähtäri Zoo, as their main designer, I can say that the result exceeded expectations. We are proud of the best panda house in the world.
Jukka Salo
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  • Jukka Salo, professor

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